Annika turned 2 on May 22nd! Mommy took the day off, and we spent a gorgeous day at the zoo. We had so much fun. Annika particularly likes the “elephas”.


It was a beautiful day to build a playset! For Annika’s birthday, Mommy and Daddy bought her a playset of her very own. Let’s hope it will hold her attention for at least a couple weeks. Good news is, she didn’t want to get off the bronco rider!

Thanks to our good friend Sam, my mom and my sister for helping out. There are a few odds and ends that need to get added, once Brian’s drill charges back up.

Grandma and Grandpa came up on Sunday to enjoy the beautiful weather and do some grilling. They got to take Annika on a couple walks (well, more than that if you count the walks around the yard 🙂 ) Annika was giving Grandpa some golf tips.

Annika let us put some “pretties” in her hair.

This is the best toy ever…

Thank goodness…spring is coming! Annika is NOT an indoors kind of girl. That is ok with us, Brian and I love the outdoors as well. But seriously, this girl would stay outside 24/7 if you let her. I can’t wait until it is summer and we can just enjoy the outdoors all day long.

Just some shots as we enjoy the nice weather.

Spring Day

My brother-in-law is a fireman in Grayslake and invited us to come cheer on the firemen in their annual charity basketball game against the men in blue. They had to defend their crown, they were undefeated. Unfortunately, this would be the first year the police department would take home the trophy…I think they brought in a 6’6″ ringer.

Here are some shots from the event.


The Anderson Family