May 2008

Our little girl has turned two. We were blessed with great friends and family, and a gorgeous day to celebrate! Thank you to everyone who came out.




Annika turned 2 on May 22nd! Mommy took the day off, and we spent a gorgeous day at the zoo. We had so much fun. Annika particularly likes the “elephas”.

This was seconds before a tantrum. She was just not happy with life.

It was a beautiful day to build a playset! For Annika’s birthday, Mommy and Daddy bought her a playset of her very own. Let’s hope it will hold her attention for at least a couple weeks. Good news is, she didn’t want to get off the bronco rider!

Thanks to our good friend Sam, my mom and my sister for helping out. There are a few odds and ends that need to get added, once Brian’s drill charges back up.